Monday, March 31, 2014

TED TALK: The Next Greatest Generation? 

Listening to the TED talk online was very inspiring.  The first talk was by Natalie Warne, whose story I found amazing.  At only 18 years old she led a movement and fought to save child soldiers in Uganda being captured by Joseph Kony.  

It was so refreshing to see a young person making a huge difference in the world.  Too often we hear about how young people can't make logical decisions, or are not capable of doing the same things as adults.  This is just not true, and Natalie provided the perfect example of this.  Youth are the future and I believe that they should grow up understanding how influential they can be in society.  This story also is a wonderful example of how anyone, young or old, can accomplish the impossible if they just put their best foot forward.   

This story story has even inspired me.  Sometimes when you're chasing your dreams, you come across road blocks.  This, however, does not mean you should give up.  Natalie faced many road blocks on her journey.  If she had given up, the bill to stop Joseph Kony may not have been passed.  One person giving up can, in turn, affect hundreds or thousands of other people.  It is so important for youth to understand that they are important and they do matter and that they can indeed change the world.  After all, they are the future generation. 

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